Bears sightings reported behind the Causeway Bay Hotel, Matevic Road, Hemlock Road, Mountain Ash Crescent, White Birch Crescent, Engleman Spruce Drive and a cougar was seen by Lodge Pole mobile home park over the weekend.
bear sniffing garbage can
For information on preventing human/wildlife conflict go to http://www.wildsafebc.com

Grizzly bears have been seen just west of Fernie. Bears will defend three things, food, cubs and their space. Leaving garbage accessible to bears in a backyard, under a carport, on the front porch or in an open dumpster can lead to human/wildlife conflict. Do you really want to get between a bear and a food source (garbage)? Expect bears to be around for another few weeks so please lock up garbage and all other attractants and give bears a chance to return to the wilderness to den for the winter.
bear in city bin
Wildlife sightings

A grizzly sow and two cubs were seen on a property on highway 3 a few kilometres west of Fernie and on Ben Emmet trail in Mt Fernie Provincial Park. Black bear sightings reported on the dike trail behind Mt Minton in Mountainview and on the dike trail in the Annex.

Bear sightings reported behind the Causeway Bay hotel, Matevic Road and Hemlock Road.

The safest wildlife encounter is one prevented. Lock up your garbage and bears will move on. For more information on wildlife safety, go to http://www.wildsafebc.com.

I had the pleasure of spending the morning delivering the WildSafeBC program in French to the Ecole Sophie Morigeau students in Fernie. Thanks to all the kids and the teachers for their enthusiasm, knowledge and desire to prevent human/conflict in our community. Parents, expect the kids to be on the lookout for wildlife attractants on your property and in the neighborhood. Bear proofing your property will result in less wildlife in town, increased public safety, less potential for human/wildlife conflict and a subsequent reduction in the number of bears destroyed.

Thank you for your cooperation.french school

There have been fewer bear sightings in Fernie and Elkford this fall. Thank you to everyone who is making efforts to bear proof their properties. In Fernie we have noticed that putting garbage out on the curb the night before collection is no longer common practice. A handful of residences were found to have garbage out at night during 2 night patrols.

The District of Elkford has acquired 45 residential bear resistant containers available to households who have no garage or shed to secure garbage between collection days and all the communal dumpsters have been retrofitted with metal latches. This has resulted in less wildlife in the community, increased public safety, decreased potential for human/wildlife conflict and a subsequent reduction in the number of bears destroyed.

Thank you to a group of dedicated volunteers in Sparwood who are committed to engaging their families, neighbours and friends in the importance of securing garbage, picking fruit trees and working together to prevent human/wildlife conflict and the needless destruction of bears.

Recent wildlife sightings
Grizzly and black bear sightings reported on Highline Drive and Timberline Crescent at F.A.R.
Bears reported behind the Causeway Bay Hotel and by the store in Sparwood Heights.
bear family from fernie
For more information on preventing human/wildlife conflict go to http://www.wildsafebc.com

A hunter was attacked and injured by a grizzly bear Sunday morning in Morrissey. It is unknown what provoked the attack.

Wildlife Sightings

Bear sightings reported by the Coal Creek bridge and the Coal Creek boat launch. A cougar was seen on Ridgemont Crescent.

Bear sightings reported on Alpine Way and Hemlock road

Bear sightings reported on Balmer Crescent

A grizzly bear and cubs was reported on a property on Hilderbrent road.

The Safest Wildlife Encounter is One Prevented

Avoid surprise encounters: Call out, clap your hands, sing or talk loudly
Look for signs of wildlife: Tracks, droppings, diggings, claw-marked trees, torn-up logs, overturned rocks and food caches.
Travel smart: Stay in groups, stay on marked trails and travel in daylight.
Do not litter: Pack it in, pack it out.
Carry bear spray: Keep it accessible and know how to use it as your last best defense.
Dog owners: keep your dogs under control. They may provoke defensive behavior in wildlife.
Cyclists: speed and quietness put you at risk for sudden encounters. Slow down and make noise.

Never Approach or Feed Wildlife

For more information on wildlife safety go to http://www.wildsafebc.com

Friday October 10. Bear sightings reported on Ridgemont Crescent in Fernie and Balmer Drive in Elkford. Thank you for checking your properties for anything that may attract wildlife. Garbage in the backyard, in the carport or on the deck is an open invitation for a bear to come into conflict with a family member or a pet. Remove the attractants and bears will move on and result in a safer and cleaner community for everyone.White bears Kristy Anonson 7

For more information on wildlife safety go to http://www.wildsafebc.com

Monday October 6. A large black bear was seen on 4th street by third avenue at 11 pm last night. Bear sightings also reported on Pine Avenue, 2nd Avenue and West Fernie. Grizzly bears sightings reported on Dickens Road.

A large brown colored bear (reported as a grizzly) was seen in Sparwood Heights.

It is everyone’s responsibility to lock up garbage, clean up fruit trees and secure all other attractants. Helping your neighbours will ensure that your family and our wildlife remain safe. Thank you for your cooperation.

For more information on keeping wildlife wild and communities safe go to http://www.wildsafebc.combear sniffing garbage can


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