Drop by the Wildsight Office at 891 2nd Avenue in Fernie between 10 and 2 on September 20 for our WildsafeBC Open House event: wildlife safety, get hands on experience using inert bear spray, bring your Fernie apples to use the apple press, electric fencing workshop, how to compost indoors, food preservation, kids activities and much more.

For more information contact fernie@wildsafebc.comwildsafeBC-open-house

Thanks to the Mountain Adventure skills Training for the enthusiasm and interest in preventing human/wildlife conflict. It is always a pleasure to come and talk to you about wildlife and how to stay safe when travelling in the backcountry. I wish you all a safe and epic adventure this season in Fernie.Mast small

Wednesday September 3, 2014. Bears reported accessing garbage and compost in the Airport subdivision and on 11th Avenue in the Annex in Fernie and a brown colored black bear has been seen throughout town in Elkford. Two bears have had to be trapped and destroyed recently in Elkford. Bears were repeatedly accessing garbage and posed a threat to human safety.

Bear season is here. Be prepared and expect to encounter bears throughout our communities. If you have unsecured garbage, unpicked fruit trees, bird feeders, bird seed on the ground, pet food, dirty BBQ’s and other attractants in your yard you are bating bears into your neighborhood and jeopardizing your own safety, that of your neighbours and contributing to the needless destruction of bears.
Thank you for taking some time to bear proof your property and help your families, friends and neighbours do the same. The result will be a cleaner and safer community for people and wildlife.
For more information on keeping wildlife wild and communities safe visit http://www.wildsafebc.com.

Be prepared and expect to encounter wildlife anytime. A hiker encountered a grizzly sow and her cub when hiking up Baldy loop at Island Lake Lodge. The bear bluff charged the hiker, a normal reaction for a bear defending her cub.

For more information on wildlife safety visit http://www.wildsafebc.comWildlife-Trailhead-poster

Tuesday August 26. A mountain biker surprised a mamma bear and cub at close range last night on Deadfall trail in Ridgemont. “I guess I surprised them. She stood up on her hind legs as I came around the corner and started lip / jaw smacking and huffing. Then the cub took off and she ran after it so it all ended well.”

The bear reacted defensively, defending her cub, her space and her food. Mountain bikers, remember, your speed and quietness put you at greater risk for sudden encounters. Make noise when approaching blind corners, areas where the line of sight is poor or by creeks and berry patches to warn wildlife of your presence.

For more information on wildlife safety go to http://www.wildsafebc.com

Monday August 25. Fortunately we’ve had a great berry crop this year in the Elk Valley and plenty of natural food for wildlife. Bears have been reported accessing non-natural food sources (garbage) in some Elk Valley communities
Let’s work together and take a proactive approach before the berries run out and garbage lures more bears into town. Thank you for taking some time to bear proof your property. The end result will be a safer and cleaner community for people and bears, and fewer bears needlessly destroyed.
Wildlife sightings
Grizzly sow and cubs reported on Heiko’s trail.
Cougar sightings reported at Grave lake campground and by the CP rail station rest house.
Bears reported accessing garbage on Balmer Crescent and Galbraith Drive.
We live in wildlife habitat. Be aware of your surroundings and respectful of the environment. If you observe dangerous wildlife
 accessing garbage or other human supplied food sources
 that cannot be scared off
 a bear, cougar or wolf seen in an urban area
Call the Ministry of Environment 24-hour hotline on 1-877-952-7277. This allows officers to identify current hot spot locations and work with both residents and wildlife to encourage use of natural habitats and food sources before wildlife becomes habituated and/or a safety concern.
For more information on keeping communities’ safe and wildlife wild please visit http://www.wildsafebc.com, or follow us on Facebook.

compost close up

Sunday August 16. A black bear and cubs at the bottom of Hedonism Trail and a baby moose on Verbotten were reported by mountain bikers. Grizzly bear and cubs reported on a field east of Fernie just past the Garden Centre and bears accessing garbage at the Alderwood Apartments in Elkford.


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